Friday, 3 May 2013


I saw a yarn bomb down the road yesterday!
I was flying past in the car after a busy day on a photoshoot and seeing the amazing work wrapped around a tree really pepped me up!
If I get all the jobs done that are planned tomorrow I intend to head back there and take some photos to share. I'm so excited its happening near me!
I really hope I wasn't just seeing yarn hallucinations!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Whole Foods!

I went to Whole Foods in Cheltenham yesterday. It's amazing!!
I wish there was one near where we lived.

Look at the cookies! Just beautiful.

Em xxx

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Dropping the Yarn Bomb!

The front garden is looking so dull with the lack of Spring to bring on the flowers, I think it might be time to take action. Come to think of it, the whole village looks like it could do with some guerrilla crochet!

Em xxx

A variety of yarn bombing Pins!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Dilly Doily

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was hoping to use doillies as part of the wedding decorations, and indeed I did! They were also part of the finishing touches of my wedding dress and bouquet.

But before I get onto that, I wanted to show you some of the other pretty things I found while trawling Pinterest...

1. Cute doily clouds from Hart + Sew 2. Pretty lit doily wreath from Martha Stewart 3. Sweet doily necklace I found on the Book of Deer blog 4. Buttons and doillies on an embroidery hoop - this gives me an idea...!

I'd seen a few 'Pins' a long time ago with the fabulous idea of creating a table runner using doillies. Similar to the necklace above I love the way they look when they're all hunched up together, contrasting patterns, colours and materials.
It took quite some time to gather together enough doillies to cover nine 9ft tables (!), and there were a few times when I really did question my sanity. It ended up costing a small fortune considering it looks so 'collected' and thrifty!

Piles and piles of doillies all over the house for pretty much five months, I really should count how many we actually ended up stitching together but I'm a bit too scared to!
What is lovely though, is that some of them were donated by my mum. There was a set from a holiday to Malta, and several that were actually made by my great grandmother, including an amazing hand-embroidered tablecloth which we didn't actually use. I must post some photos of it another day.

I'll show you the final results in a moment, but I also found the below on Pinterest, and having all of this source material to hand seems too good an opportunity to miss, so I'd really like to do some doodling different doily shapes, possibly onto shrink plastic. I've been hoping to find some buttons for a forlorn coat of mine...perhaps I can make some with this technique?! Ooh...exciting!

Anyway, here are a few snaps of the doillies in action. After all the pain of sewing them together (and some of them are mighty difficult!) I loved the results. I hope you do too...

This was a section of the skirt of my dress! My bridesmaid Sarah gave me the little embroidered monograms which my dressmaker sewed into the skirt. The crochet was actually a table runner! An amazingly lucky find in an antiques market in Nottingham.
A single doily was wrapped around my bouquet along with a strip of fabric from my dress

And that is probably not the end of my dalliance with doillies, so don't be surprised if they get mentioned more often!

Em xxx

Saturday, 30 March 2013

A sheepish return...

I will admit, I've been rubbish. Blogging was going to be all about sharing my thoughts (almost) every single day.
Instead, I've neglected this little space of mine even though a million exciting things have happened over the last six months.
I am going to strive to rectify this situation, and fully intend normal service to resume.

Here's a sneak preview at what really has been preoccupying my mind all this time.

Em xxx

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Holiday Blues

I've just got back from a lovely (but wet and windy) holiday in Cornwall, so will be back soon once I've stopped sulking :)

Em xxx

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Samuel Docker

If there's one thing about the wedding I had to be fussy about (who am I kidding, I'm fussy about all of it!), then it has to be the photographs.

We're not very interested in 'traditional' wedding photography. T and I are terrible at posing, and I want to remember the day almost as if I snapped each moment with some kind of inbuilt brain-camera (a bit like Robocop). I want real memories.
I found Samuel Docker by putting a simple search term into Google - 'Cool, alternative photographer, Leicestershire' and immediately fell in love with his style. He was the first, and last photographer we looked into, and I'm already excited about the photos! (No pressure there then, Sam)

I have had a rummage around his lovely website and pulled off just a small selection of my favourite images. I hope you enjoy, take a look at Sam's website and blog, and in six months I'll be sharing my very own Sam Docker originals! (thanks for letting me use the photos, Sam!)

Em xxx