Thursday, 23 August 2012

Samuel Docker

If there's one thing about the wedding I had to be fussy about (who am I kidding, I'm fussy about all of it!), then it has to be the photographs.

We're not very interested in 'traditional' wedding photography. T and I are terrible at posing, and I want to remember the day almost as if I snapped each moment with some kind of inbuilt brain-camera (a bit like Robocop). I want real memories.
I found Samuel Docker by putting a simple search term into Google - 'Cool, alternative photographer, Leicestershire' and immediately fell in love with his style. He was the first, and last photographer we looked into, and I'm already excited about the photos! (No pressure there then, Sam)

I have had a rummage around his lovely website and pulled off just a small selection of my favourite images. I hope you enjoy, take a look at Sam's website and blog, and in six months I'll be sharing my very own Sam Docker originals! (thanks for letting me use the photos, Sam!)

Em xxx

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